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Common Prius MythsCrash test resultsDrivers who should not own a Prius
EnvironmentalExteriorFailed traction (HV) battery, what to do?
Fuel EfficiencyGen2 ExteriorGen 3: Audio and Electronics
Gen 3: Head Unit Upgrade (Intro)Gen 3: Steeering Wheel Control of Head UnitsGen 3 HU:Advanced Trim Removal - Overhead BT Mic
Gen 3 HU:Installation - Overhead BT MicGen 3 HU: Advanced Trim Removal - Backup CamGen 3 HU: Android-iPod-USB Cable Options
Gen 3 HU: BT Mic LocationGen 3 HU: Backup Cam OptionsGen 3 HU: Installation - Backup Cam
Gen 3 HU: Installation - Backup Control SwitchGen 3 HU: Installation - Head UnitGen 3 HU: OEM vs DIN "look"
Gen 3 HU: SWC Wiring HarnessGen 3 HU: Tools and PartsHeadlights
Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD)InteriorInternal Combustion Engine (ICE)
Lifespan/Operating costsLightsLow Voltage Battery (12V Battery)
Multi Function DisplayOperating modes (ECO, Normal, PWR and EV)Original Prius (sold only in Japan - "gen 0") - NHW10
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